Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Life lately

Life has been so busy lately. Once the holidays were over we have just been busy, busy, so it is time for an update on what has been going on. January is just well, blah for me. It is cold, and dreary, and long. I can't even remember what we did in January, so lets just move on. February is such a busy month for us.  On the 12th is my Mom's birthday, Sam's brother Ben's birthday, and Sam's parent's anniversary. We mostly just do stuff for my Mom's birthday, but it can get busy. Then just two days later, it's Valentines Day, which is also my Dad's birthday. Then just two days after that is Sam's birthday on the 16th. So it's a week full of birthdays, holidays, lots of cake and eating out. It is fun and all, especially for those who have birthdays. But if I am being honest, it is pretty stressful for me. Somehow we end up spending so much money in February and it can be a little exhausting. Its like Christmas round 2. But we made it through and still have a savings account, so that's good right?

Grandma Pam's  70th Birthday, we surprised my Mom by taking her to Mikado. She thought we weren't going to do anything, but it was her 70th! Of course we were doing something for her.

Grandma Pam gave Gavin a Valentine and he was Very Excited about it.

Our romantic Valentine's Fondue dinner for... three. It was actually really nice to just stay home and have a dinner with just the three of us. I think Valentine's is best kept simple and sweet. We don't do big gifts but just spend the night together and do a few extra special things. Like make expensive cheese fondue.

Gavin's Valentine's picture, just for posterity's sake.

Sam's birthday was really celebrated in 3 parts. First we went to a Jazz Game, the next night on his actual birthday we went to Bacon Fest at Rodizio Grill and it was super delicious. Then, we went out to Texas Roadhouse the next night with his parents. Needless to say, we were very full of meat that week and very stuffed every night.

All in all, it was a good February, but I am glad that March has come and the weather is warming up, even if very slowly. Even though I said we didn't do anything in January, we really did. Here are some other notable events of the last two months.

Gavin got his very first haircut. Even though I loved his curly hair, it was time to chop it off. It was starting to look so crazy and people were starting to think he was a girl. So a quick trip to Cookie Cutters, a balloon, and a sucker later, we had a very dapper looking young man.

At the end of January we took a trip down to St. George. Sam and I hardly ever travel that far south, but my sister and her family were going down, so we thought we would join in. My other sister and her family also ended up coming so it was a party. We had a great time. We stayed at a much fancier hotel than we normally would have, we drove though crazy deep mud to see the ghost town of Grafton, hiked in Zion National Park, ate way too much food, and went fishing at Sand Hollow Reservoir. It was actually pretty cold the whole time, but it was warmer than up north, so it was good enough for me! On the way down we stopped at Cove Fort, which is something I have always wanted to do. It was cool to learn the history and it was the perfect way to break up the long drive.


At the end of the February Gavin turned 15 months old! He weighed 25 lbs. 2 oz. and was 33 inches tall. He is getting to be a big boy! He is walking (I should really say running) all over the place. We are working on letting him walk more places because he is getting so hard/heavy to carry everywhere, but he is having a hard time with the concept of holding hands. He talks all day long. He jibber jabbers all the time and is picking up new words every day. He says all kinds of animals noises, mama, dada, pop pop (grandpa), kitty, bye bye, hi, shoe, no no, sorry, bottle, and today I even got him to say Costco! Ha ha. He repeats all kinds of words that I can't even remember now and is a real chatter box. During his first year of life I did monthly updates and I kind of wish I was still doing them because now is the time that he is really growing so much and changing. He is just a little sponge and learns new things every week. He loves TV, way too much. He gives the sweetest kisses. He has started to snuggle with things like blankets and stuffed animals more. He loves to play with any kids that will give him attention. He drinks like a gallon of milk a day. Unfortunately he needs a bottle to fall asleep. He has four molars coming in. He loves animals making animal sounds. He is crazy and a sweetheart all at once. He does the funniest things that I can't even attempt to capture in a blog. He makes me exhausted but I love having him as my little buddy all day.

We have had a good winter but we are excited it is almost over! We can't wait for spring and parks, and more zoo visits, and being able to explore outside. There are some big changes coming our way in the next few months but we are excited! We will be moving in the next little bit, so things are about to get busy. Where we are moving, we don't quite know. We will let you know next time!

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  1. Your February sounds so PACKED! Our year so far has been relatively boring when it comes to doing fun things...hopefully that will change soon now that it's warming up :)

    So happy to get this little update! I love reading them.